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MomBoss Finish

So, last year my friend, Shadia, convinced me to run the Mom Boss 5K.  She had never run a 5K and was determined to make it her first.  We geared up with “5K Virgin” shirts (mine said “I’m with the 5K Virgin”) and we ran that race.  We didn’t stop once, which was our end goal.  Sharing something like that with one my dearest friends is something I will never forget.  That day, for me, was something very special!

MomBoss Shad

Now, what is the Mom Boss 5K?

Firstly, a 5K = 3.107 miles. The Mom Boss trail starts at the Hutton House (gorgeous!) and takes you around a beautiful lake … over some little bridges … through cute neighborhoods … and brings you right back to a cheering crowd of women!  There are Mom Boss fans at every turn, encouraging you to smile + make it joyful + to keep going!

That’s just the race.

MomBoss floral

When you’re done, the real fun begins.  You have your shirt, your goody bag, and you travel into the Hutton House for incredible donuts + coffee.  There are amazing makers along the edges of the rooms and the energy is tremendous.

We took our donuts + coffee outside to the hightop in the grassy space and rocked out the band playing under the trees (who were also hilarious, by the way).  The ambiance was so joyful!

MomBoss Hutton House

We ran, we ate, we shopped, we danced, we sang, we laughed, we met other amazing women, and we shared a bucket-list type of day together.


CHIRO FOR MOMS is a sponsor this year because we believe so strongly in the cause, for a myriad of reasons!  But I will assure you, I will still be running this year.  There’s no way I can miss it.  We’ll have our booth and Stefanie has very sweetly agreed to hang out and hold down the fort while I run alongside my friend Shad (and a few other women this year). 

MomBoss MoodBoard

Please join us this year!  Make the time for you… beg a friend, like Shadia did with me, and help us make the 2019 Mom Boss 5K super joyful!

Go get your tickets!   Mom Boss 5K Tickets

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