Deep Tissue Stretching Session


Do you find yourself needing a massage for those store tight muscles, but as a busy woman, just don’t have the time to go out and treat yourself to that option? We have the answer for you at the clinic! 
Dr. Jesse has a very unique approach to her treatments. In addition to adjusting, she performs muscle stretching and lengthening. 
BUT if you need EXTRA deep tissue muscle work, we have an option you can add onto your adjustment appointment……. or schedule a session on it’s own.  It’s our DEEP TISSUE STRETCHING SESSION. 
We know, as mamas, that time is valuable.  In this 15 minute timeframe, you get to relax while Dr. Jesse uses hot stones to work on every part of your body, really working into the muscles to loosen them up! This is a fantastic way to treat yourself to that extra muscle care. 
We do it right here in the clinic after your appointment. She works on everything from your neck, back, arms, hands, legs, calves, and even the top of your head! We have a special video on the website showing you a quick version of this session.
We have plenty of entertainment for the kiddos while you get to relax during this time - so don’t worry about that!
In honor of the LOVE holiday - we are running a giveaway for this special treatment!
If you want to try out this amazing session - we are having a social media contest today… February 13th. Look out for our picture on social. You just need to “like” the photo, and tag 3 friends in the comments section to be entered in a drawing for a free DEEP TISSUE STRETCHING SESSION! 

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