Top 4 Way To Drain Fluid Related To Ear Infections And Ear Aches

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Do your kids struggle with ear infections or fluid in their ears?

Believe it or not, there are ways to help their ears drain.

Here are the things -
1. Neck adjustments to help with joint mobility and opening up the joint space for the nerves that supply the information to the ear and surrounding tissue
2. Soft tissue muscle work in the back of the throat to aid in drainage and a decrease in pressure from the Eustachian tube
3. Ear adjustments to aid in mobility of the ear ossicles, again, to aid in fluid movement and a decrease in pressure
4. Muscle lengthening and lymph node drainage techniques for the front of the neck

Aside from the adjustments, most of these techniques can be taught so that parents can help their children with ear drainage at home.

These techniques are helpful whether there is an ear infection of just fluid build up.  They’re helpful even if a child is already on antibiotics to relieve pain speed healing.  And they’re helpful even if your child has tubes or is scheduled for tubes.

If you'd like a visual of how to do some of these ear drainage procedures, you can head to our ear care video link to watch:


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