Hip Flexor Pain & How To Deal With It As A Woman

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WHAT : In the truest sense of the word, hip flexors are the muscles that flex (move your leg and knee toward your belly) your leg at your hip.  In saying that, it’s important to understand that there is more than just one.  Namely, there are three : Iliacus muscle + Psoas Major muscle (collectively those are called the Iliopsoas), and the Rectus Femoris muscle.  These three muscles predominantly take care of the hip (leg) flexing for your body.


WHO : These muscles can cause problems for anybody, but I’m here to talk about their contribution for women.  Women, in general, have more movement throughout their pelvis / hip region.  In saying that, it’s important to know that these particular muscles, the hip flexors, can cause many issues if they become too tight.


WHERE : These muscles are located in the same region as our reproductive organs, so they can also become a huge problem during pregnancy or while dealing with other uterine / vaginal issues.  All three of these muscles are attached to your pelvis in some way.  


WHY : It is incredibly important to stretch and strengthen these muscles for a myriad of reasons.  Keeping these muscles stretched and strong decreases low back pain, decreases the likelihood of sciatica or nerve pain down your leg, and aids in a comfortable pregnancy and / or childbirth.  


WHEN : It is best to stretch these muscles daily.  I’d say it’s of utmost importance.  Now, that doesn’t mean a ton of time.  It means, allowing yourself 2 minutes total (1 minute for your left and right Iliopsoas; 1 minute for your left and right Quads).  If you’d like guidance with these exercises, check out these two videos:


Hip Flexor Exercise : Quads / Rectus Femoris

Hip Flexor Stretch Rectus Femoris Pic




Hip Flexor Exercise : Iliopsoas

Hip Flexor Stretch Iliopsoas Pic




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