Introducing our Yoga Instructor!

yoga instructor

Words from our newest member of the team:

Inspired by my experience of practicing yoga as a tool for overcoming body image issues, humbled by motherhood and empowered by facilitation skills from eight years of classroom teaching experience, I am committed to helping others cultivate confidence and realize their own beauty and strength, through the power of yoga & community. I offer mindfulness-based yoga classes that allow you to honor your body with what it needs, provide the movement your body craves and find pleasure in the way your body feels while moving with your breath.

I am certified through Inner Fire Yoga Studio in Madison, Wisconsin as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. I am trained as a Karma Kids Yoga Instructor. I hold a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. I taught for five years with the little om BIG OM team in Madison. I currently live in Minnetrista, Minnesota with my husband and three children. 

I am honored to hold a space for you to have an experience, exploring your own beauty & strength, while moving & breathing together in community. It is my hope that you will be challenged to explore your limits, find your edge & will step off your mat feeling free & energized. 

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