Meet Carisa Rasmussen - Guest speaker at our Low Backs + Laughter Event

Our next event is coming up at the CHIRO FOR MOMS clinic!
March 16th from 10-11am + Q&A time from 11-11:30
Come join us for a Saturday morning of LAUGHTER and learning as we discuss the importance of Laughter and Joy in Life as well as Low Back Care.
This event will be geared toward ALL women - not just pregnant women.
The event cost is $20 per person and tickets can be purchased HERE
We will have Artisan Coffee + Donuts + Giveaways!
Our guest speaker will be Carisa Rasmussen from Clean and Lean. Carisa is a motivational speaker. She is a Wife and Mom of two amazing little girls. Those are her most important and valued roles in life. She and her husband own a company called Accessible Homes in MN where they remodel homes for people with disabilities, and they own Clean & Lean. With both of their brands they want to help people live more healthy and full lives. Since 2013 She has been a regular contributor on Fox 9 Morning news and The Morning Buzz on Fox as well. She loves sharing how to create a healthy mind and body and how to create more balance.
Carisa will be talking about laughter and the important role that plays in our pain relief and cardio vascular/overall health!
Dr. Jesse, from CHIRO FOR MOMS, will be discussing ways to help manage/relieve low back pain - including sciatica, hip flexor pain, hip pain, pelvis pain, tailbone pain, glute pain, and IT band pain. She will share tips and stretches on how you can help prevent the pain before it starts. Dr. Jesse has a background in sports med and is very passionate about physical care. She is always creating videos to share these stretches with the women around her. This event will give you the opportunity to ask questions and interact to learn more in-depth ways to take care of these muscles in your body.
There’s going to be a surprise ending that you won’t want to miss!
We cannot wait to share this morning of laughter with you in the CHIRO FOR MOMS clinic! Space is limited, so be sure to grab your ticket right away!


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