Meet Carisa! The visionary behind CULTIVATE JOY!

Carisa Cultivate Joy

Dr. Jesse speaking…

I want to introduce my friend and fellow female entrepreneur inspirer : Carisa Rasmussen.  I’m speaking about her because she’s the host of the event we’ll be speaking at this weekend - CULTIVATE JOY - and she’s a woman you will want to know.

I was first introduced to Carisa by a dear friend of mine.  My friend described Carisa as incredibly kind, driven, and very funny - which all accurately describe the woman I’m going to share about today.

I first met her nearly one year ago.  She graced me with a smile - as I had shown up late being driven to the clinic by my mom with the kids in tow because my car had been broken into and damaged a few days prior and was in the shop.  She was sweet and made me laugh about the whole thing.

The first thing I noticed about this woman was her smile.  She has this contagious smile that makes you feel like you’ve know her all your life.  She’s a listener - but can also tell a killer story.  She’s patient - especially with her two little girls - and yet so animated.

Since I’ve known her, we’ve been connected through many different mutual friends and colleagues.  It’s funny how that can happen with like-minded people.  These people surrounding her always have the same things to say about her - just how much they love working with her and what a spirit she is.

I had the honor of having her speak at our clinic back in March - Low Backs & Laughter - where she spoke about laughter and the joy that can come from finding ways to laugh through it all.  We laughed, we cried, we danced.  

I’ve also seen her speak at collective events, on air (as she has a segment on Fox 9) and have taken her life changing online health program.  No matter where she is, she’s inspiring to those around her.

This weekend at the CULTIVATE JOY event there are 5 keynote speakers speaking on many different ways you can bring joy into your life.  I will be speaking alongside these amazing women, and Carisa will be sharing her stories - which you won’t want to miss.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, go get it!  Come laugh with us!


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