Networking Blah..


Networking - blah… what a terrible word to describe getting to know one another and sharing our strengths and passions!  Every time I hear the word - “networking” - it makes my skin crawl.


So how do we phrase it?


Perhaps we don’t need to label it at all.  Perhaps we just think of it as getting to know one another on a semi-intimate level and sharing ourselves on whichever level feels right.  Perhaps we think of it as a way to learn something new - and tell somebody something about ourselves that might inspire them.  That way, when we’re sitting down over coffee or shaking hands at an event, we don’t feel like we have to be quite so formal.  Perhaps that way, we can make getting to know one another - even on the business front - more personal.


Example : see picture attached.


The woman in that picture is somebody I now call a friend.  I actually met her in our BNI - NETWORKING - group.  Wanna know why I gravitated toward her?  She was wearing bell bottoms and funky pink glasses.  I knew nothing of her business or her work ethic.  All I knew was that she paid attention to detail and I liked her style.  We were technically “informal” from the beginning - and yet we’ve done a ton of actual business together.  We’ve created, and executed, and done some amazing things together - that most wouldn’t typically expect from a photographer / chiropractor relationship.


So, I say this - let’s be a little more informal.  Let’s smile - and laugh - and share ourselves.  Let’s think outside of the box and create.  Let’s make money - while serving!  


And let’s throw the “networking” word in the trash can.  

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