Nursing In Public

nursing in public

Do you nurse in public?  Do you use a cover up?  Breast feeding in public has been a hot topic lately with new awareness and ?acceptance?

Here at the clinic we’ve decided to offer something up - grace to nurse however you like.  Which, at the end of the day, is how we see nursing in public as well.  

Nursing is a gift and a choice.  We don’t feel this is an issue that actually needs to be pressed.  In fact, it’s an issue that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Women should be allowed to nurse when and how they choose.  Just as they should be allowed to choose whether or not they want to nurse at all.

We feel that the best way to support women - mothers - is to offer them the grace to nourish their babies how they see fit.  Without an ounce of judgement.

We believe that the best way to support women is to offer them the help that they need, rather than judge them for doing something differently than the way you would choose.  

For example, if we see a woman struggling to cover up - and she clearly would feel more comfortable covering up - we offer to help her adjust her shirt/scarf/cover apparatus AND offer a smile.  Believe it or not, finding ways to conceal (especially if that’s a woman’s comfort level) can be difficult and exhausting.  She might fall into a sweat, while blood pressure is rising, amidst a hungry baby crying - and the last thing she needs is to feel judged or like she’s doing something wrong.  After all, she’s just trying to help her baby.

In the same token, when a mother chooses to openly nurse without covering up, there’s no need to grimace or stare.  In fact, sometimes, a mother is just too exhausted to even cover up - or her cover up slips off - and she’s completely unaware that she’s exposed… laugh with her, make her smile, make her feel comfortable - or say nothing at all and continue your conversation.

We get to spend the first day of the fair with OBGYN West this year at the nursing stations in the Kare11 Health tent.  We love this opportunity because it’s the most beautiful way to offer support - whether women want to cover up or not.  It offers them a cozy, safe place to rest and relax amidst the wonderful chaos that is the State Fair.  

Based on what we saw last year, we’re bringing boppys to share in the nursing rooms in addition to the 3-in-1 nursing cover / carrier cover / scarf that functions to help mama cover while nursing, cover baby from the hot sun in the carrier, or look super adorable while wearing it.  Again, trying to find ways to make all mothers more comfortable with nursing.

We look forward to seeing you there Thursday, August 22nd - and if you want to share you nursing story / thoughts, we welcome the conversation!  Thank you, as always, for letting us share.






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