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I’ve yet to write about all the things that I love outside of being a chiropractor.  So here it is.

Firstly, my family.  We have 2 little girls who rule our home.  They are spunky and loud, but also gracious and sweet.  They are completely opposite of one another, which keeps life interesting on the daily.  I got to spend time at home with them during the last 2 years before our youngest went to kindergarten.  It was my most favorite, and also, most difficult time as a mother. 

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In that time, I found that a) I love power tools and b) I love power tools!  I honed in my skills as a DIY home renovator and found myself in the midst of a 2 year home renovation project.  I would pick up furniture on the side of the road, repurpose it, make it beautiful and either find a beautiful place for it in our home or sell it off.  In that time I was also re-trimming our home.  I would pull off the old trim and with some precision cutting / sanding / painting, I would apply new trim with my trusty nail gun.

reno girls roomden

During that time I also found my love for painting and calligraphy (which you will see all over the clinic).  I began painting around the house AND making signs that I began selling.  To date, I’ve probably written and rewritten and then rewritten again hundreds of thousands of words… calligraphy style.  I no longer make signs for selling, but I do still create calligraphy art for friends and family from time to time.

coffee sign

I am a long time seamstress.  I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl.  In fact, I used to sew my own “pajama pants” in high school, which I somehow convinced myself was appropriate for wearing to school.  I still sew.  Sometimes I sew quilts, patches on my daughters’ leggings, Halloween costumes or even curtains.  In fact, I’m thinking about making some specialty curtains for the main treating room at the clinic (keep a lookout)!


Lastly, I found in my years becoming a mother and owning a home, that I have a relatively green thumb, which I can thank my husband for.  It’s something that we enjoy doing as a family.  Not to mention, I like having an excuse to walk around barefoot in the dirt.


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