Prioritizing Self Care Through Holiday Stress

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The holiday season is coming quickly. While many think this is the most wonderful time of the year, this can also become one of the most stressful times for many. With holiday events, shopping for gifts, planning and baking meals, family visits, and travel we can easily become stressed emotionally which can eventually translate into physical stress. As women, in a season of giving, we tend to put aside our own self care. 

While we have every right to set aside our own priorities to make all of these events and to-do lists happen- I would challenge you to stop for a moment and reflect on prioritizing time for yourself in this holiday season and how that could bring you more joy and memories.

We have a few things at the clinic to help you with this! 

One way stress represents itself in the body is with tight sore muscles! Have you ever had that achy, stiff neck pain that seems to linger on as stress builds up? Taking time for a simple adjustment can help relieve that pain before it escalates. Sometimes our muscles just need some extra attention that we don't often give them.

This is one of the benefits of our adjustments in the clinic-we do muscle work with every adjustment! This allows your body to relax during the adjustment. We use warm stones (yes...over your clothes for those wondering) to work on the muscles  to help relieve some of that stress before we adjust you. You can also add on a Deep Tissue Stretching Session to your appointment to spend that extra time working out those aches. This is an excellent form of caring for yourself so you can be the best you during holidays!

We also have an exciting holiday event coming up~

Grateful Giving Event

We are hosting this event to give you a time of self care and check off some of those to do list items. We will have coffee+donuts+mimosas for you to start. Dr. Jesse will be holding a Falala Flexability Forum where you can ask questions about specific stretches you'd like to learn. Not to mention holiday shopping vendors AND a complimentary gift wrapping station (YES, bring the gifts you bought earlier in the day while you were out shopping and / or wrap the ones you buy at the event). 

PLUS Lauren Engfer Photography will have a Holiday Portrait Pop-Up where you can bring in the family for a memorable holiday photo.  Pricing and info to sign up will be available. She will be offering additional packages to order holiday cards or prints if you wish. 


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your self care as you enjoy this holiday season coming up! 


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