Staying Fit Safely with Megan Kruger from MPower

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Megan Kruger
Dr. Jesse will be guest speaking at an event April 24th from 7-8pm. 
This is going to be a class on Staying Fit Safely. The class will be held at MPOWER - located at 76 Nathan Ln N Plymouth, MN 55426. Cost is $10PP and can be purchased here : 
This event is led by Megan Kruger - owner and fitness coach of MPOWER.
Let us introduce Megan to you! 
Megan found a passion for fitness as a teenager, when her mother "dragged" her to the gym. 18 years later, Megan has several fitness certifications including continuing education in behavioral change, nutrition, prenatal and postpartum exercise. While it is not common practice in the state of MN for new trainers/ coaches to have an apprenticeship, at Megan’s studios new team members are required to do one so that they receive ongoing guidance and support while navigating beyond the knowledge in textbooks. 
Megan and her team have one goal with the work they do and that is to help their clients feel better - however that looks for the individual client.  
Megan’s life work is to help show people that moving their bodies is a gift and can be a great deal of fun.  One of the most misleading and scientifically unfounded schools of thought in fitness is "no pain no gain".  Megan and her team are passionate about showing people that if they have NO PAIN, THEY KNOW GAIN.  
If you speak to Megan, she lights up when talking about her client transformations; especially when that shift happens and a client becomes an “exerciser- for life” or wants to seek certifications and education to be able to share the gift of fitness with others. 
Megan is commonly heard saying, “we are just scratching the surface of human potential, let’s take this to the next level!”  
Outside of her two fitness studios Megan K can be found, reading, writing, playing tennis and doing pole dance sport.  


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