Summer Blackout - Self Care


SELF-CARE :  The process of looking after one’s self. 


We talk a lot about self care in the clinic with our patients. Whether that’s taking care of yourself physically or emotionally, we believe it is so important to our over all well being. 


As women, we have so many roles that we take on! While this is all so wonderful and can make us feel like super hero’s at times….it is so important to also rest! 


Self Care has become such a trendy word, but the meaning behind it is so important. With social media and all of the busyness that surrounds our lives, it can seem impossible to shut our minds off! 


In the clinic - we have made it a priority to practice what we preach, and take some time off twice a year. We did this at the holiday time in December for two weeks, and we will be doing this again in July. The clinic will be closed and on a “blackout” for two weeks. This will occur from July 1-July14th. 


We believe that taking this time off truly allows us to relax, refresh our minds and bodies, and walk away feeling rejuvenated. We take time shut down our minds, and enjoy the time with those around us that we care about the most! 


This looks different for each of us, but we all have a high priority on family time and we plan on enjoying that as much as we can! We all love being outdoors and being in the sunshine - so you can plan on that happening as much as possible! 


We hope that you also get to take time this summer to relax and enjoy the life you have around you! 


We look forward to seeing you all when we return! 

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