Summer Vacation



What our team members did during their Summer Blackout!

A few words from Stefanie:

This was such a wonderful time of rest and relaxation. I’m very blessed to be a part of this clinic and have the opportunity to have this special time off twice a year.  

The first week, my time off was a week at home with my family - just relaxing, playing, and swimming in the lake.  We live on a park and have baseball fields in our backyard… and my husband is a PE teacher, so we’re constantly playing. This was a great time to connect with our neighbors and friends and just be present around our community. 


Week 2 - We escaped to my favorite place - Hilton Head Island, SC. This spot is near and dear to my heart because I grew up going to this same condo every year since I was born. It slowed down through high school and then my husband and I took our honeymoon there 10 years ago! We took our kids for the first time last year and they fell in love with it too! It was special for us to go back this year and my husband and I are about to celebrate 10 years together.

Stef and Craig

We are not big adventurers for our vacations, so this week consisted of HOURS of swimming…(back and forth between the pool and ocean), taking walks, and shopping. We flew my mom down from Michigan to spend the week with us as well - so it was just all around quality family time. I am not normally a morning person but this place inspires me to be up every morning before sunrise so my husband and I could walk along the ocean and watch the sunrise. It was breathtaking….every day. There were no extravagant activities done on this trip, just time together which is how our family operates! 

So that’s a little insight into how I spend my two weeks off. Thank you for understanding our time away! 

A few words from Kristin:

Is it August already?  I swear summer just started around our house.  The clinic blackout was already over a month ago.  Even though I wasn’t going in to the office or active on social media, life was still crazy nuts on our funny farm.  We are in this new stage of life where our teenagers are traveling (without us) for long periods of time but we still have little kids at home.  One of our daughters saved and paid her way on a month long trip to Europe. Another daughter did the same and went to the West Coast for three weeks.  With two kids gone, one would think life would slow down a bit. Nope!! I realized how much they help out around the house and help with their siblings.  I actually had to do most of the “mom work” all by myself!! It was exhausting! It’s so weird that we have kids old enough to be doing these things ~ we missed them tons!!!!


The remaining family members went to Duluth for a long Fourth of July weekend.  Daniel and I are both from Duluth and still have family living there. We did some playing at Grandma and Grandpas cabin, ran (and won!) a 2 mile race around the lake, watched fireworks over Lake Superior, and relaxed with our families.  Then we cruised home and got back to the grind.

I’m so thankful that Chiro For Moms is a workplace that puts such a high value on family time.  It reflects what we value in our own home. I enjoyed my time away, felt refocused, and was motivated and energized to get back to work when the day came.  

A few words from Dr. Jesse:


We took off for Portland, just me and my daughters, to visit one of my very best friends.  We spent the week driving to the coast, the mountains and waterfalls.  My kids were absolutely taken by the amount of newness and change in landscape.

Portland waterfall

When we got home, all 4 of us (husband included) took off for a VRBO cabin that we rented near Brainerd.  We didn't have an agenda for the weekend - our only goal was to relax and play!  The cabin was on a lake - with a pontoon and lily pad - so all we did all week was play on the lake. 


We all came back rejuvenated and relaxed (almost a little too relaxed... it was a little tough getting back into the rhythm of things - ha).  Thank you for all of your understanding and grace while we decompressed.  You'll never know how much it means to all of us.


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