Top 3 Ways to Strongly Support Your Belly / Low Back During Pregnancy

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HELPING HANDS: find your support team.  Ask questions about your pain.  CHIRO FOR MOMS and HOW 2 MOM are here to serve you in the most nurturing ways.  We are above and beyond your resource to make sure you’re seeing the right practitioner for your needs.  For example, if you’re dealing with specific pelvic floor discomfort, we want to refer you to the best pelvic floor physical therapist.  If you need guidance with hormonal levels, we are going to refer you to the proper functional medicine physician or naturopath.  

BELLY BANDS: using support bands, in addition to other supportive modalities, is an important way to physically relieve strained muscle tissue and ligaments while you’re pregnant.  Chiropractors, like our very own Dr. Jesse from CHIRO FOR MOMS, are great resources for the proper type of bands and support methods to use during pregnancy.  Further, there are other ways of using bands (such as a Rebozo) to aid in birth movement and positioning.  Birthing Doulas, like Stephanie from HOW 2 MOM, are trained in these techniques and can not only perform them for you, but can teach you to do these at home.

USE YOUR CORE: but don’t over use your core!  It’s important to activate the core muscles that keep your baby supported.  In doing that, it’s important to keep those muscles not just strong, but also lengthened and relaxed.  In our clinic, we strongly support non-painful movement.  We teach mamas the best ways to stretch and mobilize their joints.  That’s also where your chiropractic care comes into play.  It’s incredible important to keep your joints moving properly, as they’re directly attached to the muscles surrounding your spine and pelvis.


We’ll be diving into these topics during our next event, BACKS + BELLIES: STRONG SUPPORT on June 22.  We’ll be getting into great detail and showing specific, tangible lifestyle tricks.  


Purchase your tickets via the link below (space is limited, as we keep our events intimate so that you have the opportunity to ask specific, personal questions if you have them):
 For more information on the event specifically, head to How 2 Mom's blog:

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