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7 stretches to get rid of back pain while at a computer

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on



If you find yourself hunched over at a computer all day, and you need good stretches to reset follow along. Sit up straight and sit on the edge of your seat. Bring your shoulders back and arch through your low back. The natural curve of your low back and neck is extension. Sit on your hand and turn your head at 45 degrees and pull down for about 5 seconds. Do the other side next. Then what you're going to is criss cross your arms and do an eagle arm hold. Otherwise you can do a nice big hug. Either way you're going to tip your head to the side your arm is under. This will get those upper rhomboids and upper traps. Do the other side and switch arms. Hold that for 5 seconds. We are then going to do the breathing muscles. You're going to take your hand and put it on your opposite knee. Then you will tip your chin towards your shoulder and just let those muscles stretch. Do the other side with hand on the opposite knee and tip towards your shoulder for 5 seconds. Next, you will do air rows. You're going to bring it forward and back, similar to a cat/cow. You're going to do 3 of those. We will then stretch the piriformis. Bring your leg up into a figure four and pull your leg UP, not down, and twist. Hold this for 5 seconds. Do the same thing on the other side. Bring leg into a figure four, pull it up and in, and look over your shoulder for 5 seconds. You want to feel this in the back of the leg. Finally we will get hip flexors. This muscle is attached to every lumbar vertebra. Take the outside leg and put it behind you. Use your desk, chair, or table and lean into it. You can bring it lower or higher, and twist more or less! Do each side. Now you have completed one long stretch to help you focus on your work again!


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