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Belly Taping for Round Ligament + Diaphragm Pain / Heartburn

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Round Ligament + Diaphragm Taping: 
During pregnancy, the diaphragm and ribs get shoved upward in order to make room for a growing baby + belly! This can cause heartburn, rib pain, and diaphragm pain. This simple taping technique can be used to provide relief in these areas! As pregnancy progresses and baby begins to drop, there is often a tightness + discomfort in the round ligament. The round ligament connects the uterus to the labia majora. Women with this type of pain experience a sharp pain or jabbing feeling in the lower belly / groin area. We can tape this area to provide support to belly + promote lymphatic drainage / decreased inflammation - giving you some relief! 
Taping “how to’s”:
  • We like to round off the edges of our tape to prevent the ends from peeling up. This is also why we use anchor or brace pieces.
  • Give the tap a 20-30% stretch when applying so it has a ‘lifting’ or ‘pulling’ action into the tissues. 
  • Tape should last around 1 week, but take it off if you have any discomfort or irritation.  
Taping for Round ligament: Start at the base in the middle and pull out and up to wrap around your bump!
Taping for diaphragm: Start at the top of your belly in the middle [below your sternum] and pull down and out to the side to wrap around your belly!

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