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Hip Flexor - Kneeling Iliopsoas - Seated Piriformis Stretches

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on


Dr. Jesse here with CHIRO FOR MOMS. As a female chiropractor, we focus on stretches in our chiropractor clinic along with our treatments. We're going to show you two of our favorite muscle stretches for both your hip flexors and your back bum muscles. Stefanie’s going to demonstrate while I explain as she goes.

So, for this first part, she’s going to be in a 90 degree runner’s lunge so she’s going to bend here at 90 degrees and the important thing with this one is to always have the 90 degree bent leg against the thing you’re leaning on and I suggest always leaning on something like a table like this because you want to take the wobble out.

The biggest thing with this is that she's in a 90 degree and then she's using this arm to basically push yourself backwards a little bit, bend in through this hip and twist the way she is, which this posture’s perfect and you'll feel it on this front hip flexor side and then to do it on the other side you would literally just turn and face the other direction and again always have the leg that is bent against the table.

Okay, for your back bum muscle it’s the figure four stretch so it's a seated piriformis stretch and this one is wonderful again for this region back here it's going to help with your low back pain or anything surrounding your hip flexors, back related and with this you’re going to use both hands and you’re going to pull up, you’re basically going to extend back through here and that extension is actually going to help you get a better isolation of the muscle and again you’re going to feel it back here.

With any of these stretches I would hold for 10 to 30 seconds but don't kill yourself if you can't the biggest thing is doing them because then it helps remind you of your posture throughout the day and pay attention to anything you’re dealing with.


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