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Techniques to help drain ear fluid and relieve sinus pressure

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Our pediatric chiropractor not only specializes in children's chiropractic techniques, but she teaches parents how to relieve pain from ear infections at home. To help relieve some of the ear drainage and congestion you may have from fluid build up, you are going to take your index finger and follow along the gum line and the teeth and go back as far as you can. You will feel it very tight back there. Lightly rub against that. You can stabilize with your other hand on the outside. They might gag when you're doing this, and that's ok. That means your hitting the right spot. You can repeat this three times. The next move helps with nasal drainage. You follow the hard pallet to the soft pallet. I'm going on the roof of the mouth, follow back and you will feel a little knob. You can rub against that. Repeat 3 times This one is quicker and less painful. 

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