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Relief for jaw pain from TMJ or clenching

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
If you are experiencing pain from TMJ or clenching your jaw, follow our prenatal chiropractor Dr. Jesse and she shows techniques in the chiro clinic that relieve pain and tension in the jaw. Today we are working on Kelsie and we will show you how we do this in the clinic. When we're going in on jaw, we come through the mouth and place the one hand as a brace. We are working on the muscle tissue in the joint space. This joint in particular has a disc that can get lodged and the muscles on top get really tight. We do three sweeps through the jaw muscles pulling from the top down to the bottom of the jaw. We switch sides and do both sides. You will usually notice more tension on one side more than the other. Again, it's just working on the muscles around the joint space. You may feel like you want to gag and that is completely normal. It's very similar to our other muscle work - we use lengthening and stretching. When we adjust the jaw, we have the patient push up into the hands. We have them relax and we slightly pull to create gapping in the joints. These chiropractic techniques can help relieve the pain and tension that you experience!

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