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Hip Mobility

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Hip Mobility: 

Here we are talking true hip mobility + discomfort! These helpful stretches can be done during pregnancy or even if you are not pregnant! First we will start off with an adductor stretch [inner thigh muscles]. Stand with feet more than shoulder width apart [sumo squat] and turn your toes outward. Drop down in through the hip and use your upper body to help deepen that inner thigh stretch. Keeping the foot inverted [facing inward] can help you feel that even more as you rock side to side! During pregnancy it would be helpful to hold onto something like a table / sofa! Next bring it down to the floor and align those hips and knees at 90 degree angles. This is called 90-90 knees! All it takes is to keep your knees bent at 90 degrees and rotate side to side bringing the knee down to the floor each time. An alternative way to stretch those inner thighs is so get up on one knee and stretch one leg at a time! Keep your other leg straight and sink in down through the hips to feel that stretch in the inner thigh! For a deeper mobility movement use a pilates / medicine ball or a foam roller! Coming down into a kneeling position - place one bent knee and inner thigh up on the ball / foam roller - and roll forward + backward to increase that hip mobility. Lastly - we are going over our favorite stretch with a twist - the psoas! Get into a lunge position - hold onto something to stabilize if you are pregnant, and drop in forward through the pelvis. While you are here you can use your opposite arm to rotate the leg around in a circle to get some movement in through that hip joint! As always - do both sides! 


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