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Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Hip Pain During Pregnancy: 
Our prenatal chiropractor discusses the use of a Boppy Pillow at home while you are sleeping to relieve hip pain and back pain! Often when women sleep they use a multitude of pillows - the problem is these pillows don't move with you while you sleep! Therefore we have created a CHIRO FOR MOMS solution - use a Boppy! Wrap the Boppy around your lumbar spine in the back - this helps to induce the natural lumbar curve as well as create space and decompress the hip while you sleep! You can still use the other pillows for your belly and behind your back - but when you roll over the Boppy comes with you!
Another option is to use your sofa / bench / bed to stretch the muscles located on the outside of the hip + leg. Keeping stable, extend the lower leg outward and wrap your other leg in front to sink into a deep side stretch. This can help stretch the IT band [ and TFL muscle ] and provide relief! 
Finally, don't be afraid of your foam roller! Either lay that side right on the roller to roll out these tender muscles or use a smaller roller to roll towards your heart. If you don't have one - a baking roller works just as well! 

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