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Hip Strengthening + Mobility

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Hip / Hip Flexor Strengthening :
1. Hip flexor: using a resistance band [ of your preferred tension / strength ], wrap the band around your feet + flex your hip [ lift one knee up towards chest ]. Do both sides ~10-12 reps each. Support yourself as needed next to the wall.
2. Abductors [ glute min / med ] : place the band around your knees [ just above or below ]. Keep a slight bend in your knees as you lift one leg out to the side [ make sure you're working from your glute ]. Aim for ~10 each side.
3. Abductors [ glute min / med ] : in an athletic / squat stance, side step ~5-10 steps in one direction + back.
4. Glute maximus: band around your knees [ just above or below ], facing the wall, kick your leg back [ through your glute! * ]. You shouldn't feel this in your low back, so make sure you're kicking back + work through your glutes!
5. Hip flexor: sitting on the ground, use a water bottle / can of soup to actively lift your [ straight ] leg up + over the object of choice. Lifting your left [ or right ] leg up + over, then lift the right [ or left ] leg up and over. Repeat ~10 times.

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