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Benefits of Kinesio Tape and How to Apply It

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Applying kinesio tape has many benefits. It is used to support injured muscles or joints without restricting full range of motion. It helps to aid in faster muscle recovery, prevents cramps or spasms, prevents over-stretching or over-contraction of muscles, and also enhances muscle tone and strength. When applying kinesio tape, you want to extend through whatever joint you are taping. The tape is heat activated so you want to rub it after applying. As you go into the knee space bend forward as your are applying. With wrist - extend through and then stretch the tape to apply it on your skin. When taping elbow for tennis elbow, you want to turn your arm in, flex and stretch to apply tape laterally. Dr. Jesse shows you how to apply the tape to the upper trap region to help alleviate shoulder pain. You can use brace pieces to help hold the ends down. 

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