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Labor + Delivery Prep

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
We're talking prep for labor and delivery. All three of these techniques involve a partner. It's gonna help a ton with back, labor, any pain that you're dealing with. Just opening up that sacrum, really getting a lot of movement.
What you're going to do is take a scarf, it can be a rebozo scarf or just a regular scarf. Your partner is going to stand over you with belly fully covered, front to base. You're going to lift, and sift. You can do it for about a minute at a time. If that's too much, just do it for a few seconds, take a break, and do it again a few minutes later. But it helps take a lot of pressure off and creates a lot of wonderful movement.
She's going to get up on the table here and lay on her side. You only want to do this if you're ready to have your baby. She's not. So today, we are not going to be putting full pressure on Dr. Kayla's belly or pelvis. Her leg would be dropping in the front like this. You'd be kind of clamping it here, making sure pelvis is stacked so she's not tilted. We're going to be putting pressure right on this hip bone straight down. As the partner, you would be pushing straight down here, and it's going to open up this sacral base. 
Next, she's going to be up against the wall. We're going to do some rocking. You're going to come up right at the base of her belly, and base of her sacrum here, lifting up, and just rocking. 

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