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Low Back Stretches - Non-Pregnancy

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on


Low Back Stretches for Non-pregnant Women: 

Stretches for Low Back Pain! These stretches are specific for women who are NOT pregnant!

  • Hip flexor stretch: in a lunge, tuck you pelvis and slowing lean forward with your legs. Use the opposite hand to press into your knee and look over your shoulder.  
  • Knee to chest: lying flat on your back, pull each knee to your chest then both together
  • Lying figure four: Laying, cross your ankle over your knee to make a figure four. This may be enough for you, if you need more, grab the leg that is planted and pull your thigh to your chest. 
  • Cobra: On your stomach, press yourself  onto your forearms. Extend more by lifting yourself onto straight arms
  • Child’s pose: with feet together and knees apart, fold yourself toward and sit back. Reach arms side to side!
  • Ball extension: Lay back on an exercise ball letting yourself relax and extend backwards. 

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