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Nursing Holds for Back Pain Postpartum

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Holding your baby while nursing can be exhausting and be the source of your back pain. In this video we explain our favorite nursing holds for postpartum moms so they can be pain free!
  • Try using an exercise ball. If you are in a chair use something to bring your feet up so you are hunching over less. 
  • PILLOWS: we are using the boppi but make what you have work
  • Football hold : Cradle baby on the same side you are feeding with their legs/feet between your arm and body. Use a pillow for support
  • Cross Cradle: Cradle baby across your body using a pillow for support. Try using the opposite arm of the side you are breast feeding from. 
  • Side lying: Lie on your side using a pillow to prop up your upper half. Lay baby next to you. Use additional pillows if you need neck support
  • Back lying: flat or using pillows to prop under your back or arms. Lay baby across your chest. 

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