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Nursing Holds for Back Pain Postpartum

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Holding your baby while nursing can be exhausting + be the source of your neck / back pain! In this video, we explain our favorite nursing holds for postpartum moms so they can be pain free!


  • If you are in a chair use, something to prop your feet up so you are hunching over less. Remember to bring baby to you [ boppi or the breast friend helps ]!
  • PILLOWS: we are using the boppi but make what you have work.
  • Football hold : Cradle baby on the same side you are feeding, with their legs/feet between your arm and body. Use a pillow for support.
  • Cross Cradle: Cradle baby across your body using a pillow for support. Try using the opposite arm of the side you are breast feeding from. 
  • Back lying: propped up on pillows or flat! Lay baby across your chest + use pillows where you need [ under your arms / neck ].
  • Side lying: Lie on your side using a pillow to prop up your upper half [ you can also lie flat on your side - think nighttime nursing ]. Lay baby next to you. Use additional pillows if you need neck support.

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