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Partner piriformis stretch

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
We often get asked for different techniques and ways that patients can work with their spouse, partner or person at home to help them get these really deep stretches. Piriformis is one of my absolute favorite muscles, it goes from your hip bone to your tailbone. It's not a very big muscle, but it plays a BIG role because the sciatic bundle runs under it. You are going to place your hand, or your can use a thumb, and fall down off the bone, tuck right up under the buttock. The person will know, they will feel it, and then you can bring them outward, stretching the muscle. If you want to fatigue the muscle you can have them turn into your hand, and push for 3, 2, 1 and relax. The biggest thing is that you do not pull too hard where you are doing damage or it's hurting, otherwise this should feel pretty good!

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