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Partner Piriformis Stretch

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
This partner stretch is great to passively lengthen + stretch your piriformis muscle - The muscle attaches on the inside of your tailbone and inserts on the head of your femur! If you don't have a partner you can use a scarf to help pull your leg toward your body. [Make sure to keep yourself propped up if you're an expecting mama + don't lie flat on your back].
Bring one leg up + over so that you create a figure four with one ankle crossed over your thigh. Your partner can have hold of the crossed ankle + knee while they push that leg toward your body - hold this for a tolerable amount of time / stretch. 
** If you need more of a stretch, you can push your ankle outward into your partners hand for a 3 second hold + then relax; this actively stretches the piriformis muscle. ** 
Make sure to do both sides! 




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