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Pregnancy Stretches

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
These are our favorite pregnancy stretches our prenatal chiropractors recommend!
  • Piriformis: Cross one ankle over your knee while sitting to get into a figure 4 position. Pull your knee towards your chest. Turn and look over the same side shoulder as the bent knee.
  • Groin: Wide stance, feet pointing outward. Squat and push your elbows into your knees. Moving side to side through this should provide a stretch
  • Iliopsoas: Lunge position stabilizing on the side of the "up knee". Lunge deeply, and turn inward, using your opposite hand on your knee and pushing backwards.
  • Hip isolation: subtly move your hips in every direction + figure 8 while sitting on an exercise ball. 
  • IT band: Laying on a wedge, put your knees together + bow your feet outward into a "W" or "M" position. Try to press your knees to the floor
  • IT band: Laying on a wedge, make a figure four with your legs by placing one ankle on the opposite knee. Drop the leg that has the foot planted on the ground. You can then rotate your trunk to the opposite side. 

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