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Round Ligament / Diaphragm / Rib Stretching

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Round Ligament / Diaphragm / Rib Stretching: 
Here we are talking tissue on the front side, whether it be round ligament, diaphragm, and rib! These stretches will really help to open up these areas. Another thing that will help that we have in another video, is kinesiotaping this area. Manually, what you can do is breathe in, and put pressure going downwards which will help especially if you are suffering from heart burn because you are physically tracking downward. You can also do this on the left side if you are suffering from diaphragm pain, because this will help relieve pressure there. 
The other thing you can do with diaphragm, is to use your ball. Lean into it, and side to side stretch. If that's uncomfortable, you can use your chest. Don't be afraid to move until you feel that stretch that you need!
Another really nice way to do this is to use a sofa, bed, chair. Really lean in, and side stretch. What's nice is you're getting a little bit of this too which will help with round ligament. 
The other thing you can do if you're dealing with round ligament pain or even just side body pain, is to get into a deep lunge. Hang onto something, take your hand, and use it to side body stretch. You're going to get a really great stretch through both your round ligament and diaphragm.

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