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Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
We get asked about our own ligament pain during pregnancy. I want to just show you some of the things we do in here, give you a stretch you can do at home, and really explain what it is so relevant pain in and of itself. It's pain that you experience kind of up in this region and it has a lot to do with the way these particular ligaments attach to your uterus. One of the big components of keeping you around ligament pain free, is by keeping your pelvis very neutral. Keeping those ligaments in neutral so that's the adjusting part, that's what I do physically here in the office. Another component is to actually kinesio tape right in here. This actually stretches so we we can use tape up through here on belly and it takes pressure off both pain receptors and alleviates inflammation because it pulls up on that skin layer and allows for lymphatic drainage so that's another way.
Lastly I really wanted what I'm going to show you a nice stretch for this so what you're going to want to do is just like that iliopsoas hip flexor stretch we go over all the time but the biggest thing is that I want you to lean against something so you're really relaxed. You're gonna lean forward do a little bit of twist but the bigger piece is that you take a breath and you let your pelvis and your hip drop and you just give it a little stretch. You're gonna feel this whole area stretch out lengthen and you'll get relief so hopefully that's helpful and be sure to send messages if you have any more questions related to movement.

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