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Shoulder Stabilization — Serratus Anterior

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Our female chiropractor shows a few exercises for scapular stabilization— specifically Serratus anterior which is the muscle that prevents scapular winging. In other words, it keeps your shoulder blade attached to your rib cage. 
Four Exercises:
1. Push-up Plus:
[start on knees and progress to plank position] Keeping your arms straight, retract your shoulder blades by dropping your chest to floor. Then press up into your upper back/shoulder blades. 
2. Plank Walks:
[start on your knees + progress to plank position] From a plank position, drop down onto each forearm before pushing back up into a plank position [so arms are extended again].
3. Banded External Rotation Pulls:
[use a lighter tensioned band] Keeping your elbows at your side, palms up, with the band grasped in your hands tightly - Pull outward as far you can, so that you feel activation of your [posterior] shoulders.
4. Banded Wall Walk:
Stand facing a wall and using a band around your wrists actively press outward while walking your arms up.

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