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Stretches for Knee Pain

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
The way a woman's pelvis is shaped can put an increased load on the knees. A few things you can do at home to help relieve knee pain are :
1. Go into a sumo squat and take a wide stance. Get nice and low and rotate out to stretch the inner thigh muscles. This is great for hip mobility in general but this will help with the knee pain because of the insertion point on those aductors. 
2. Get low and stretch your legs out into a V shape. You can also use a weight in front of you if you need something to hold onto. You want to lean forward and stretch towards the middle of your legs. 
3. For the outer part of the knee - get on a coffee table or a bed. Stretch out the leg you want to stretch and hang it low. Bring the other leg over the front. Drop down into that bottom leg to get a nice stretch into the IT band and TFL.
4. You can also use a foam roller or a roller stick ( baking roller ). Start at the knee and roll up towards the heart! You can also roll over the quads. You can also do the inner thigh ( not if you are pregnant ). 
5. Finally - get on a wall to stabilize yourself and pull back each leg to stretch the quads. For a more intense stretch you can get into pigeon pose and pull the leg backwards. 

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