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Top 6 stretches for herniated discs

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on


Dr. Jesse, our female chiropractor specialist is talking about disc herniation. What it is, is the soft tissue between your vertebrae that squishy part - and it pushes outward usually due to flection. It pushes on the nerve roots which end up referring down your leg creating a lot of pain and muscle spasms. We are going to show you a few different maneuvers that can help. This is not direct medical advice but it could help with your symptoms and help you heal. 

The first is going to be a back extension raising the tailbone and dropping belly. You can take it to the side for side body stretching. 

The second is cat/cow. You are creating fluid ambition throughout your low back which keeps your discs healthy. 

The third is a seated piriformis stretch. Go into a figure four and cross your leg over the other leg. Pull up on the leg and twist your head to that same side looking over your shoulder.  Extend through your low back, which isolates the muscle. The muscle is little but it's where the sciatic bundle tracks down. 

Fourth is the kneeling iliopsoas. This muscle starts in your groin and attaches to every lumbar vertebrae. This one is big for movement within the joint space - decompressing and taking pressure of the low back. Lean against something and lean into the stretch. Twist and extend backwards. Look back over the shoulder thats the same side as your bent leg. 

Fifth stretch is a relaxed cobra. Belly is on the ground and you're inducing back extension. You are neutralizing your discs and taking pressure off.  If this is painful stop and discontinue.

Sixth is a classic bridge. When you are up in the bridge your back is neutral and you are lengthening hip flexors and you are strengthening your glute mead. All of that will help with back pain. You are also stabilizing core and strengthening. Hold all of those for 5 seconds. If it feels good then hold a little longer. 


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