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Top Ways to use Kinesiology Tape

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Kinesiology Tape is a wonderful tool to use for muscle pain and tension.
When taping, you can cut the corners off for a better stick. You can also use small brace pieces to hold the edges down. Apply the tape with a slight pull of tension - 20-30%. This allows for the skin to pull up which allows for lymphatic drainage. 
Dr. Jesse shows us the different areas that can be taped for pain relief. 
1. Ankle - tape across the painful region.  Again you can add brace pieces for better stick. 
2. Knee - Go for the area that is most uncomfortable and painful. Typically we see pain through the outer side near the IT band connection. You could put a piece under the kneed and pull down. 
Rubbing the tape allows the adhesive to activate and stick better. 
3. Arm - You can tape for triceps or wrist for carpal tunnel pain relief! You want to lengthen to allow the skin to pull tightly.
4. Upper back / neck region - This is a great region to tape. You can do traps or upper neck
5. Low back - A nice way is to take your tape down to the area that hurts, give it a nice stretch while pulled forward - tape down and rub the tape again.
6. Shoulder - This is another area you can tape if you are experiencing pain. Follow the same guidelines we've listed above.  

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