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Stretches to help with knee pain

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on


We are talking knee pain today in our chiropractic clinic. Women have a lot of knee issues. We are going to show you things we do in the clinic and other stretches you can do at home. The IT band starts at the top of the hip and inserts right below the knee. What we use is a roller, and we roll up and down the leg when you're laying on your side. Come right below the knee for a little extra work on the tissue.  Quads are another area to work on to relieve knee pain. You want to strip the outer and inner thigh area. The other thing we can do is have her flex up and lengthen the leg. We then work down on the muscles. We also lengthen and gap the joints in the clinic to create fluid movement throughout the joint space. Last but not least, she's going to get on the ground with the roller and do the same stretch with IT band. This will do the trick to loosening the muscles. You can flip and also do the quad muscles along with the hamstrings.


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