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Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Tongue Ties are incredibly prevalent and they can cause MAJOR problems in little ones as they age. This tension in their mouths has a direct correlation throughout their ENTIRE bodies that has a fascial connection all the way to the tip of their toes! This can look like nursing problems, to gastrointestinal problems, all the way to tightness in their entire body causing many different symptoms!

Craniosacral Therapy for Tongue Ties

At CHIRO FOR MOMS // CHIRO FOR KIDZ when we meet new kiddos in the office, we always check for tongue/lip ties! We check for function as well as tightness in their mouths. If we suspect that there is a tongue/lip tie, we always refer to our pediatric dentists for their gold standard diagnostic abilities. 
When it comes to Craniosacral Therapy and Tongue Ties it is extremely important to have the cranial bones worked on before and after frenectomy to allow the cerebrospinal fluid pump continuously throughout their brain and spinal cord to help reduce any tension in their bodies reducing the chance of reattachment of the tongue/lip tie tissue.
After performing Craniosacral Therapy whether it is before or after frenectomy we incorporate mouth stretches as well as fully body stretches to help reduce the tension in their bodies, creating a happy/calm baby and help them figure out their new resting mouth/tongue posture. 

More on Tongue Ties

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