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Oral Stretches

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Oral Stretches in Tongue / Lip / Buccal Tie Babies: 

Here we go over some intra oral (inside the mouth) stretches for babies that are dealing with tongue + lip + buccal ties. These stretches can be performed right inside the mouth. When you are doing these, think about performing a sweeping motion - gentle sweeping along inside the mouth. A good reminder is to use the "rule of 3" - so perform each stretch 3 times about 3 times per day. Beginning with the cheek, sweep both sides to release any tension in the buccal tie region. Buccal ties are located up in the corner of the mouth. With the lip, use your middle finger to open the mouth - then sweep the frenum up. For the tongue, use your pointer finger to push in and up on the frenum. 


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