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Hip Tightness

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Hip Tightness: 
Today we are discussing simple at home stretches for the psoas and piriformis in infants. Babies with tight hips and pelvic girdles often have a difficult time relaxing and stretching their legs out. These techniques are also helpful for infants that are constipated or gassy to help loosen them up. Begin with baby on their back and anchor down in the fold of their leg with one hand. Using your opposite hand, grab the leg at the knee joint and bring the leg up and out to the side. Repeat 3-4x each side. Next, flip baby over for the piriformis muscle on the back side of the pelvis. Using a thumb contact, place your thumb in the middle of the glute and pin down the muscle. Using your other hand, rotate the leg outward - stretching the piriformis muscle. Repeat 3-4x each side. Finally, place a broad contact on baby's pelvis / sacrum, and using your opposite hand grasp the knee joint. Flex the knee upward to provide general mobility and stretching to the pelvis. 



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