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Reflux / Spit up

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Reflux / Spit up: 
Here we are going over simple techniques to help with babes that are spitting up a lot or have reflux. The swallowing reflux is underdeveloped in babies so some level of spit up is normal. If the diaphragm is tight the sphincter connecting the stomach to the esophagus can get pulled upward and cause the acid / milk from the stomach to come up into the throat. By having baby on their back or side-lying we can use two fingers to pull down the diaphragm - tractioning from the middle out to the left side. This helps pull that sphincter down and allows the milk to settle easier in babes belly! Holding baby with their left side down in football hold after a feed is also an easy way to help that liquid settle easier. Another way to release the diaphragm and reduce tension in the body is to have baby on their belly and using 2-3 fingers, lift up on the diaphragm [located just under the ribs]. You can hold this position for 10-15 seconds - baby should melt over your fingers when the diaphragm is loose. You can also hold pressure using the opposite hand [right hand] while the left hand tractions up on the diaphragm. The right thumb can be used to put pressure in babes back directly over the left hand [where that sphincter is located]. 

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