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Torticollis | Head Preference

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

A baby with torticollis [head preference] is typically stuck with their head turned in one position to the right or left.  In other words, they can only look left or look right.  If they look in the other direction it can be difficult for them and/or painful. When a baby has torticollis it can be from a variety of different positions. From being squished in the womb or it can become 'kinked' when they are nursing or being in random positions.

This condition can lead to difficulty feeding on both breast and bottle, challenges moving their head, and can lead to a flat spot due to compression on that one side continuously from not being able to move their head. In addition, this compression can lead to flat spots and potentially helmets.

Torticollis | Head Preference Techniques

When it comes to torticollis, our main focus in the office is to stretch and perform body work. This helps to loosen off the tissues that are keeping your little one from looking one way vs. the other. Our pediatric providers are well versed in performing stretches many different ways to make sure they are comfortable for your little one. 

Football Hold Stretch

First, position baby facing away from your body with their head rested on your elbow and arm dangling freely. Second, position your free hand on or just below the baby's shoulder while gently raising your elbow to stretch your child's trapezius and neck.   

Neck and Shoulder Stretch

First, place babe on their back. Second, gently traction their shoulder down and away while guiding their head in the opposite direction. Third, wait for baby to relax and move with you for the deepest stretch, as resistance limits mobility.  

 Hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds, based on baby's comfort and tolerance. Repeat these stretches on the other side. 

For More Information

We LOVE our football hold stretch, there is so many amazing stretches you can do with babe in this position. Check out our REFLUX VIDEO for more fun football hold techniques.

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