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Coming Soon: Prenatal + Postpartum + Pediatric Online Courses Pt. 3

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Perinatal, Postpartum, + Pediatric Online Course: home techniques for the most common pain conditions
Over the past 2 years, CHIRO FOR MOMS has been serving mamas in the metro area. Now we have launched CHIRO FOR KIDZ because of a need for specialized chiropractic pediatric care. In time, our integrative care relationships with other health professionals in the community have grown, which so many of our mamas appreciate. In order to offer our resources to more women & their families, we have designed an online course that encompasses all things prenatal + postpartum + pediatrics care. 
We are coming up on the final week before our official relaunch! The team has been working hard on the final touches and finishing up the courses content. The prelaunch started near the end of October + we've already heard amazing feedback! Check out our most recent course reviews below!
““This Perinatal Course is everything that I have been wishing for during my pregnancy! It has been so valuable to have a place where I can go anytime a new pain/discomfort shows up within my body (which is happening more and more frequently now at 26 weeks). I love how easy Dr. Jesse makes it to follow the stretches – and how effective they are – my groin pain quickly went away after only a few days of applying them! I also love the yoga classes that are designed for different parts of my body, and I appreciate these classes are short and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I can’t wait to keep digging into everything else in this course and I highly recommend this for any pregnant Mama out there – you and your body will be so glad you enrolled!””
“This course was so helpful postpartum for me and my baby. I go back to different videos when different scenarios come up in life. There is so much to learn and this course makes it easy to know your body and your babys body. I wish I had this resource before my baby was born, but now I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned in my next pregnancy. Thanks Chiro for Moms!”
“Whether you're a first time mama or a mama of multiples, it never hurts to educate yourself. Chiro for Moms Perinatal course provides a wealth of information for moms throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum. I loved the education approach to HOW your body works followed up by easy and practical solutions/guidance. The entire course was easy to understand and navigate. I recommend it to anyone at any point in their pregnancy journey. ”
“I started this course at 3 months post-partum from my second baby, and use it as a supplement to my chiropractic and PT treatment. I particularly love the yoga exercises because they help me "tune in" to the neuromuscular retraining I'm doing after baby, and stretch in ways that are gentle with my still hyper-flexible joints. The courses are short enough to fit in to my life even with two little ones home and working, but still long enough to be effective. Especially in the age of quarantine when getting this help in person isn't a good option, the post-partum recovery help is so appreciated!”

You can follow along as we share information on our Instagram page @chiro_for_moms! We've already shared sneak peeks on our feed!
Our Official Prelaunch is 10/26 - 11/08. Use promo code PRELAUNCH15 for $15 off!!

Prenatal + Postpartum + Pediatric Online Courses: home techniques for the most common pain conditions



We've also shared two blog posts already highlighting key features and the health professionals found in the course! In Part 1 of Our Online Course Prelaunch we shared what the course entailed and answered common questions! Part 2 of Our Online Course Prelaunch revealed a sneak peek of what the course looks like! In addition to this content each blog highlighted 3 health professionals that you'll find in this course, similar to the ones we share below!



Kara Quist, PT + Kim Dieken, OT

Pediatric Physical Therapist, Kara Quist
The perfect therapy duo!! Kara Quist is a Physical Therapist + Kim Dieken is an Occupational Therapist, both of whom treat pediatric patients at Minnetonka Pediatric Center. Kara has been working with infants for 30 years! In the course Kara shares wisdom about the specific conditions she treats on the daily, namely torticollis. Pediatric chiropractic care can also be used to treat torticollis, which really accentuates the integrative health model of this course. 


Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Kim Dieken


Kim is also an expert and has been in her profession for 27 years! She helps children with feeding difficulties, motor skills, + neurodevelopmental disorders.  In our online course, both providers speak with Dr. Kelsie, our Pediatric Specialist! They share incredible details and advice surrounding pediatric care, including when a child may benefit from treatment, the differences between occupation and physical therapy, and their primary focus as clinicians. 



Stephanie Beckel, L.Ac., Diol,OM.


Stephanie Beckel, Acupuncture, Perinatal Care
Stephanie is the owner of Healing Lotus Acupuncture. Stephanie has completed both a Master’s program in acupuncture as well as a Post Baccalaureate certificate program in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Her treatment experience ranges from a wide array of health concerns, including: infertility, PMS and other menstrual concerns, menopause, digestive issues, chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. In our course, Stephanie shares how acupuncture + moxibustion can be beneficial to pregnant mamas!


Our Official Prelaunch is 10/26 - 11/08. Use promo code PRELAUNCH15 for $15 off for one last week!!
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