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Discontinuing the birth control pill + trying to get pregnant

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Allie Nowak - Physician’s Assistant with Clinic Sofia - highlights considerations for discontinuing the birth control pill when trying to get pregnant.


1. hormonal birth control can deplete the body of several key nutrients for the body important for pregnancy + fertility (folate, B12, C, E, Mg, Selenium, Zinc) ----- important to focus on nutrient dense food sources which contain these key nutrients (green leafy vegetables, shell fish, red meat, organ meats, good prenatal vitamin)

2. consider residual effects after stopping the pill - i.e. regulating periods for polycystic ovary syndrome that was being regulated by the pill ----- advised to discontinue the pill 2-3 months before actively trying (and use condoms at this time)

3. can unmask pre-existing problems (acne, painful periods, heavy periods) can be helpful to address the underlying cause while still on the pill to manage the transition as gracefully as possible FOCUS on managing stress, blood-sugar balancing diet, adequate sleep + regular exercise


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