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Dr. Jesse's Take on Immunity!

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Immunity love from Dr. Jesse :


Personally speaking - I'm a big advocate of boosting our immunity!  That being said, I don't talk a lot about it at the clinic - as we focus on the biomechanics almost exclusively.  With the recent chain of events - I've been receiving a lot of questions surrounding immunity and ways to stay healthy.  And yes, chiropractic adjustments help boost your immune system [ more related articles on that to follow ... as again, many people have been asking ].  

I've been working with the same medical nutritional company for 10 years - specifically Carl Neubauer - and I have a lot of trust + respect for him and his company.  They just sent out a really nice article surrounding immunity which I am going to link here:

Nutridyn Immunity Article

Within our family dynamic - we've always focused on boosting natural immunity [ from the time the kids were little ].  I want to fill you in on some of the tools we use and what we order - but in saying that - you have to understand that we don't sell supplements out of the clinic, and we never will.  What I'm going to do with this most recent situation is allow patients to order anything they need - and I will pick them up on my way to work each day so that nobody has to pay for shipping if they so choose.  

I have yet to have a sick day at the clinic [ 2 years running strong ] + our kids each have only ever been on antibiotics once.  I love that we have access to things like antibiotics for times of need, but I'm big on avoiding those if unnecessary.  So here's what I ordered today:

1. Ultrabiotic Daily Multi Strain :

Billions of different bacteria - as your immune system resides in your gut.

Ultrabiotic probiotics

2. Kids' Fruits + Greens :

I'm not directly concerned that my kids are going to get sick from a virus - but it is still allergy season with a lot of drainage and seasonal change - and I'm worried about the supply / demand surrounding fresh fruits and veggies at the stores within the upcoming weeks [ where typically I prefer that they actually each fresh fruits + veggies to boost their immune systems ].

Kids fruits and greens

3. B Complex : especially important for women's immune systems!

B vitamins

If you're calling to order as one of my patients - go to:

Nutridyn Order Page - Create Your Account Here - Use Account # 112639

That code also gives you 10% off the price you're seeing [ it's always set up that way ... not just because I'm sharing this with you now ].

I want you to know that we're here for you - all things heath and life related!  Don't hesitate to reach out - express your concerns - or just ask questions.  We're here to help!

Have an amazing day!

Love - Dr. Jesse


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