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Get Outside!

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
We've all been noticing the shift into fall. As your pediatric + female chiropractic specialist we are all about movement. More than that, we are about moving pain free and doing the things you love without a physical barrier. Let this blog motivate you to GET OUTSIDE and MOVE while the Minnesota weather is still bearable. 

The days are getting colder, school is well underway, and of course everything is ~pumpkin-spiced~ Before the winter tundra hits, we want to inspire you to get outside as much as you can!

What are the benefits of spending time outdoors? 

  • Vitamin D exposure
  • Mood improvements
  • More physical activity in your day (not just planned exercise) 
  • Improved concentration
  • You many even have less pain!

Need Ideas? We have you covered! 

Outdoor workouts: 

  • Bring your exercise ball and foam roller outside--they're easy to clean!
  • Exercise bands are a great way to get resistance training outdoors.
  • Links: exercise ballfoam rollerresistance bands

Go for a walk/run/hike:

  • Take advantage of the Fall scenery! Minnesota has amazing trails and bike paths, there is bound to be one you haven't checked out yet. 
  • Resource we love: TrailLink. Plus there is a free app! 

Move work + school outside

  • One benefit of working from home or being at home for school is that your office space can move! Plan out designated times to work outside each day; it can help with the mid-day hump and boost your mood.

Play with the kids (+ fur kids) 

  • Nature scavenger hunt-- think of pinecones, a particular leaf color, etc. 
  • "Eye spy": traditionally a car game is actually the perfect game to play on walks with the kids too! 
  • Teach them about nature! Seek by iNaturalist is a great (free) app that uses image recognition to identify plants and animals around you.
  • Younger kids? Sensory play options for littles outside are endless! (Sensory input of all types help your baby's neurons fire + their brain make connections!)
  • Take the family dog on a walk or play fetch!

JOYFUL Stretching! Equipment needed: a tree. 

  • Check out Dr. Kayla's video for some specific ideas
The benefits of spending time outside are numerous! So... GO! GET OUTSIDE!

Did you come up with a great tree stretch? Amazing outdoor scavenger hunt? We want to see what you're doing to get in nature so make sure to tag us! Use the hashtag #getoutsidewithchiro

@chiro_for_moms   +    @chiro_for_kidz

 *** And don't hesitate to reach out with questions /// thoughts surrounding this topic! ***

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