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Giving Grace

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Grace….it is one of the core values that CHIRO FOR MOMS clinic was built upon. When we started the clinic, the idea was to cater to all women and their busy schedules. As women we can often be so busy taking care of others that we don’t take the time for ourselves to do what serves us best. 


From the moment you walk in the door of the clinic, we have fresh coffee waiting for you. We created the space to serve our women and mamas with children. We have the clinic completely baby-proofed, so you can come in and not worry about what your kids are getting into while you get to take care of your body. 


We understand in the clinic that kids are always on the move and need the space to play while you are being treated. Whether you are waiting in the lobby, or in a treating room - we have plenty of toys to entertain your children! In fact…they often don’t want to leave. If you’re  getting an adjustment…or even taking the extra time for a deep tissue stretching session, your little ones have plenty of entertainment to keep them busy so you can enjoy your self care time.


Not only do we offer grace with our kiddos in the clinic, we offer grace with YOU! 

CHIRO FOR MOMS is set up with an easy online scheduling tool. We did this so you can schedule appointments whenever it is easiest for you! Even if that means at midnight. Once you schedule your appointment we look forward to seeing you - but we also realize sometimes things come up and you may need to change your appointment time. No worries! If you are going to be late or need to miss the appointment, you can just re-schedule when it’s convenient for you - no judgement from us! We respect your time in the clinic and stick to our appointments so you can be in and out without waiting for us. 


Grace is not something most women are great at giving themselves. We sometimes put high expectations on ourselves as women and mamas to constantly give to others and take care of those around us.  So while we in the clinic offer grace to you in every way possible - we also want to remind you to have grace for yourself as well as you live your daily life. None of us are perfect…we all make mistakes…but that’s what grace is for! So we can wake up to a new day and start all over - and as we say in the clinic - LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.




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