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INTEGRATIVE CARE has always been a key component to care here at CHIRO FOR MOMS and CHIRO FOR KIDZ. We’ve made integrative care accessible to ALL MAMAS with our Prenatal Online Course.

Chiro for Moms

Our  Prenatal Online Course  covers pain conditions related to prenatal + postpartum + pediatric phases of life.  It revolves around an INTEGRATIVE CARE MODEL. Integrative Care involves using complementary and conventional together - to address individual needs.
More specifically, it addresses : 
- coordination of health care providers
- treating individuals as a whole with a personalized approach
- patient centeredness-
- long term wellness goals
It's all about “co-managing” your pain from home! This blog explores each of these health care fields + how they can be helpful! 


Chiro for moms

Medical doctors: OBGYN + DO

[ obstetrics / gynecology + doctor of osteopathy ] :  

Both medical doctors within our course are specialized in OBGYN and serve all women in the Twin Cities area! They play a pivotal role in our course’s education on pain conditions!  Most specifically they talk about back pain, c-section recovery, delivery + related hormones. 

Physical + Occupational Therapists:

There are numerous appearances of occupational and physical therapy found within our course. The Pediatric Online Course component features these therapies for conditions such as torticollis. Additionally, we cover Diastasis Recti in Postpartum Course content to help out mom!


Chiro for moms online course

Massage Therapist:

Massage for both Prenatal and Postpartum is discussed in the course! How does it work? What is different? Should you get one? [the answer is yes]. We cover all this and more!


In our Prenatal Online Course , you will hear from not one but TWO acupuncture specialists who each share different ways acupuncture can be helpful, even at home! The topics we cover with them include prenatal and delivery prep, postpartum, and pediatric care.

Registered Dietician + Functional Food Practitioner:

Nutrition is incredibly important for health, especially when growing a tiny human! Our course covers nutrition for prenatal and postpartum time periods + suggestions for kids!


Chiro for moms online course

Birthing + Postpartum Doulas:

Birthing doulas act as a major advocate for mothers during their pregnancy + births regardless of the setting that they choose! In our course, the birthing doula explains doula care + shares her specialized techniques! Postpartum doulas are all about supporting the entire family after a birth. They can help with feeding issues, sibling adjustments, and SO much more.

Fitness Instruction: Yoga, Pilates, + Strength: 

Within our course we have 3 amazing fitness professionals: Amy Bizal, Kayla Brugger, & Lindsay Dungey! Combined they have a wide array of expertise to provide you with strength + mobility exercises you can do at home with minimal to no equipment! 


Chiro for moms online course

Craniosacral Practitioner:

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle technique used to release tightness and tension in the soft tissues surrounding the brain + spinal cord. Using the weight of a nickel, the practitioner releases any tension they find in the soft tissues. In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, CST can help newborns recover after birth!


Chiro for Kidz online course


Tongue and Lip Ties, tethered oral tissues, or TOTs, is something we see quite often in the clinic. It was essential that we provided a resource in this course for TOTs education, revisions + consultants as needed. 

Sleep Coach:

Our sleep coach rounds out our Pediatric Course content with techniques to help your little + you sleep more soundly! 


The ultimate goal of this course is to provide women with tools they can use at home from providers who are specialized in women and children. Not only does this give mamas confidence but it also a sense of empowerment in their healing + health! 


 *** As always don't hesitate to reach out with questions /// thoughts surrounding this topic! ***
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