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introducing : Dr. Paige Ferrazzo

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Dr. Paige is now treating for Chiro for Moms + Chiro for Kidz!
Dr. Paige Ferrazzo, pregnancy care, prenatal chiropractor, chiro for moms

About Dr. Paige: 

Hi Guys, I am the new doctor and token Canadian here at Chiro for Moms! I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada right on the shores of Lake Superior - and yes it is a cold as you think. I love hockey, but don’t worry, I also have grown to love the Minnesota Vikings! I also love going for a walk with a hot cup of coffee, and (regrettably) just started running this past year. 


Why Chiropractic?

In college I began to help my family get their medical care.  I noticed too much reliance on treating their symptoms with prescription medication rather than diagnosing and treating the root problem. I started shadowing chiropractors in my community and from the first patient I saw walk out of the office with instant pain relief, I was hooked.

Why Chiro for Moms + Chiro for Kidz

From the moment I met Dr. Jesse and her incredible team of women I knew that Chiro for Moms was a special place.  I am honored to be part of a clinic run entirely by lady bosses whose purpose is to serve women throughout pregnancy and their entire lives. To be part of a clinic whose team cares so much about their patients and community, while giving exceptional patient care and partnering with the medical community in ways most chiropractors don't, is incredible. I love empowering women to take control of their bodies and health - helping them to feel better, and giving them tools to stay better! 

Dr. Paige is now treating for Chiro for Moms + Chiro for Kidz! 

Dr. Paige Ferrazzo, Chiro for Moms, Chiro for Kidz, Prenatal chiropractor

Dr. Paige's Top 3 Wellness Tips:

  1. Life is about balance, eat good/whole foods - mostly plants, but have the pizza once in a while 

  2. Exercise calms the mind and strengthens the body - it also produces endorphins which make people happy - and happy people make the world a better place

  3. Surround yourself with people who bring you up - who support you and your goals/dreams 


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