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Top 5 Reasons Moms Have Shoulder Pain [ + how to solve it ]

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

The Top 5 Reasons Moms have shoulder pain! CHIRO FOR MOMS has stretches and tips so you will be feeling your best in no time!

{detailed instructions of stretches below!}

1.  Lifting/Holding/Cuddling Your Baby or Child

Lifting, holding, and cuddling your little one is something that comes with the job of being a mother. We may not “feel” like our baby is heavy, but even the smallest newborns still require a constant contraction of your arms, which no one is used to! Plus, us moms do it so often that we rarely thing of the position we are in while holding them! The additional work and poor biomechanics make for the perfect storm of shoulder pain.
Top 5 reasons moms have shoulder pain

2. Feeding/Nursing Posture

What position are you in while you feed your child? Regardless of breast or bottle, you are most likely sitting with rounded shoulders looking down at your bundle of joy. This position not only affects your shoulders but you may also experience neck and mid back pain. 
Top 5 reasons moms have shoulder pain, chiro for moms

3. Lifting/Holding Car Seats

Car seats are heavy, hard to maneuver, and absolutely essential. We see many moms carrying their car seats by holding the handle with one hand which places a lot of stress and weight on that shoulder.  We recommend threading your arm through the handle and using your hand to grip the side of the car seat.  This position will improve the strength of your arm but also help your low back since you can lift with your legs easier!
Top 5 reasons moms have shoulder pain chiro for moms

4. Using your Non-dominant Hand for Holding

There is so much to do day-to-day as a mom! So much so that we choose to hold our little with our non-dominant arm, so our dominant hand can be busy multi-tasking! Great method for multi-tasking but your non-dominant side is typically weaker and less coordinated. 
Top 5 Reasons Moms Have shoulder Pain Chiro for Moms

5. Poor Fitting Bras 

Postpartum brings many changes to women’s bodies, one of them being an increase in breast volume/weight.  Bra straps that aren’t equipped for this will dig in at your shoulder and affect the musculature they are compressing. We recommend thick straps and ones than can be snug without leaving an indent on your shoulders. 

Our Maternity/Nursing Bra Recommendations::

Chiro for moms maternity bra recommendations

Chiro for moms maternity bra recommendations


Our Top Stretches for Shoulder Pain!

— L-position with a wall/doorway: lift shoulder to 90 degrees and lean your hand against the wall/doorway to stretch the front part of your shoulder/chest. Make sure you keep your shoulder rolled down and back. 

— Place a tennis ball or soft toy ball in the corner below and behind your armpit. Then lean into the wall or floor and move into a motion up towards the ceiling - this is a part of your rotator cuff.

— Lay back on an exercise ball and open both arms out. This is opening all of your shoulder muscles, stretching the muscle tissues and creating space.

— Lay on a foam roller, placing yourself over the center so it is between your shoulder blades, and open your arms up! 


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